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From the Desks & Laptops of Art Flair, Ray Lane & Alex Krulik:

Let’s keep this simple.

You know video is where it is at and it will only get bigger.

You want to beat out your competition so badly, you can taste it.

We Know What’s It’s Like To Struggle Online
We’ve Been There Too...

You can make videos that produce results (if only someone would watch), or you have a team that can. But, and it is a HUGE but, to make even a small dent in your market, you need a team 50 times bigger, producing a lot more videos than you are now. And that’s expensive…

Here’s How We Use FREE Traffic
To Make Money Online...

Before we go any further, let’s spell out the recipe for success with video.

  • You research a list of short and long tail keywords. You know the popular keywords get tons of traffic, but are almost impossible to get on page one on Google or YouTube with. Long tail keywords get a little traffic, but there are so many of them that altogether if you could be #1 for all the long tail keywords you would probably have as much traffic as ranking for the popular keywords. Plus, long tail keywords tend to be more buyer traffic generators
  • You make a video based on the keyword
  • You write description, tags and title based on the keyword
  • Repeat for all 2000 keywords

So now you look at the mountain of work ahead of you…

For the past three years, programmers have been trying to solve this problem. The software leaves a footprint that Google recognizes, bans your account and you lose all your work.

Spamming YouTube is a bad idea.

What if you had a proven system of ranking videos that was never going to change, then you automated some of the work, and increased your productivity by about 50 times?

That’s what we did and then we called it: Traffic Trigger.

We are results oriented, so let’s look at a result.

We asked our friend, Scott, to test drive Traffic Trigger. So he poked around, and not realizing quite what he was doing, he ranked a video #1 on Google. He is kicking himself now, because if he had watched Ray’s video (Coming up soon, just below here), he would have added a 5

second step that would have turned his one video into hundreds. But, like we said, we didn’t ask him to master Traffic Trigger, just test drive it and give us some feedback.

This one software determines how fast you succeed...

The YouTube channel we used for the test, by the way, has only this single video on it. It is not a bought aged account, nor was it ever used before today.

This is the power of Traffic Trigger!

Traffic Trigger works perfectly for local marketers, Amazon sellers and affiliates, offline business owners, product launches, Affiliate marketers, SEO Consultants, launch jacking, and anyone else that wants to dominate their industry.

Here is what it does:

And what we have told you yet…

Traffic Trigger posts to more than just YouTube! You can also post to Vimeo, monthly unique viewership of around 100 million, Photobucket, DailyMotion, Veoh and Tumblr.

All of these sites get their videos ranked fast.

So imagine posting five unique, keyword targeted videos a day, on a random basis, with no telltale footprint to alert Google and ban you, to five popular video sites. Not only that what if you had five separate accounts on each?

You could be easily posting 125 video a day… 3750 a month… a cool 45,000 a year… almost on autopilot! All from one video!

What if everyday you added a new video? Now you have 250 videos a day going onto your channels. How long would it take for complete domination to happen?

Many of these would get instantly indexed and ranked by Google, as you saw with Scott above.

In a nutshell, the concept of Traffic Trigger is simple…

The goal was to take away the manual work and have the software do it.

Basically, what Traffic Trigger does is “spin” and upload your videos to multiple channels…

In other words…

  • The software takes one video you create…
  • Makes it appear original to YouTube…
  • And uploads it for you, saving you a TON of time…
  • And does it over and over and over…

Let Ray take you through how Traffic Trigger works:


Here’s What’s Included…

The Traffic Trigger ‘Point And Click’ Web-Based Software

Here’s what you can do with this powerful software...

  • Spin your videos with the click of your mouse to create multiple unique versions of your original video in minutes...
  • Add geo-targeting using Maps for multiple locations started with just one video...
  • Use multiple different keywords for maximum ranking and traffic starting with just one video...
  • Video embeds are automatically submitted for uploaded videos...
  • Build second-tier backlinks automatically using bookmarking, blogging, document sharing, and status sites.
  • Traffic Trigger will even give you an additional ranking boost by submitting an article to the most popular blogging platforms with the ability to add geo-targeting, keywords, and embedding of related images or videos.

Who Needs This Software…

  • Affiliate marketers looking for more traffic that converts
  • Product owners
  • Ecommerce site owners
  • Service providers
  • SEO Consultants
  • Even offline business owners can use this powerful software to boost website rankings and get people in the door!

‘Over The Shoulder’ Video Training

This video training shows you EXACTLY how to get the most out of the Traffic Trigger software and make as much money as possible.

Inside The Video Training,
You’ll Discover...

  • Worried about making videos? Don’t be… We’ll show you a very simple way to make videos that convert like crazy in just minutes… (You don’t even have to show yourself on the videos if you don’t want to)

  • How to quickly get to $100+ per day and then scale things up to a job-destroying SIX FIGURE online income with a few short weeks using the Traffic Trigger software and this simple method

  • How to get the best results possible from the software in a matter of minutes, even if you’re a total newbie and have ZERO “tech” skills

  • The simple trick to automating almost all of this and working just a few minutes per day… In fact, we’ll show you how to make more by working less

  • How to start making money as quickly as possible as soon as TODAY!

  • Plus, a whole lot more!

"ZERO To 9x Google Page 1 Rankings in 5 minutes" Case Study

The best way to show you how to get results is to start from the very beginning and let you follow along.

That’s why we’re including a case study where we start from nothing and walk you through the entire process of using Traffic Trigger…

...from A to Z.

No stones are left unturned… Follow along and profit right along with us!

10 ‘Done For You’ Videos

Really the only thing you have to do is create your own initial video… and Traffic Trigger does everything else for you.

To make it even EASIER to get big results quickly, we’re giving you ‘Done For You’ videos when you get Traffic Trigger today...

You get EVERYTHING you need to get FREE traffic ANYTIME you want starting as soon as today…

But don’t just take our word for it…

You can even rank for keywords in the
Make Money Online niche EASILY:

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Here’s the deal...

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Let’s Recap What’s You Get Today…

The Traffic Trigger Web-Based Software - Real-World Value = $997

‘Over The Shoulder’ Video Training - Real-World Value = $197

Real Life Case Study - Real-World Value = $197

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Today, You Get Everything For Just…

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We can’t wait to see you on the inside!

To your success!

P.S. - Below you’ll find the most frequently asked questions about Traffic Trigger…

P.P.S. - We know that creating videos can be time consuming... and that's why we're including 10 Done-For-You videos with the software, so you can start making money in the next few hours!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat’s Traffic Trigger all about?

    Traffic Trigger is a simple system + software for getting you all the FREE traffic you could ever want!

  • q-iconHow long until the traffic starts coming?

    In many cases, you’ll start seeing traffic flowing within MINUTES of Traffic Trigger uploading your videos.

  • q-iconIs training included?

    Although the software is REALLY easy to use, you get step-by-step training that takes you by the hands and shows you EXACTLY how it works. You’ll also get access to a ZERO to $XXXX Case Study and ‘Done For You’ Videos that will save you even more time.

  • q-iconIs the traffic this software generates really FREE?

    Yes! The traffic that you get is FREE, video traffic converts really well, and with the Traffic Trigger software, what used to take hours, takes just a few minutes…

  • q-iconWill you show me how to make money with the traffic?

    Yes. In addition to the the powerful Traffic Trigger software, you’ll also get your hands on step-by-step video training that takes you by the hand and shows you how to turn your traffic into money in your pocket.

  • q-iconHow much money can I make with this?

    We’ll show you PROVEN methods for quickly making $100 per day, $200 per day, and beyond inside, but that’s really just the beginning. You can build a six or even 7 figure business with Traffic Trigger as the cornerstone for getting you traffic.

  • q-iconIs there a guarantee?

    Yes. You get a full 30 days to make sure this is for you. If for ANY reason you don’t think this powerful software AND step-by-step training is not worth many times your tiny investment, just let us know, and we’ll get you a prompt refund…

    The only way you can lose is by missing out on this limited opportunity to get your hands on the Traffic Trigger system.

  • q-iconHow does this software work?

    Traffic Trigger takes a single video and turns it into multiple “unique” videos that you can upload across multiple Youtube channels.

    This gets your many times more traffic and ultimately makes you more money and saves you countless hours of work.

  • q-iconWho needs this?

    This works great for…

        –  Affiliate marketers looking for more traffic that converts

        –  Product owners

        –  Ecommerce site owners

        –  Service providers

        –  SEO Consultants

        –  Even offline business owners can use this powerful software to boost website rankings and get people in the door!

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